Firstly, I want to start by thanking all who have been most patient and supportive to my channel on Newgrounds & Youtube, with myself, and my team, as we continue to work hard to release the full pilot soon. I'm taking to you (Reza,Roman (Mirrortone Studios),Jason,Gabrielle,Michael,Matthew, Jazza Studios (Josiah!) For your mentoring and feedback & your Youtube channel!!)

This year has been an amazing year as we had the opportunity to showcase Cyber-Boy at the Prairie Lights Film Festival 2016!! 


As many artist/content providers know there are bumps, stops, life (lo) etc. As to why a project can got to the back burner; but that won't stop us! Yes, I say "us" because I now have a strong team who support the same vision I have in making this project and for that I am grateful.

Anyway, we are a proud, strong team and we will launch this project!! We are also getting ready to kick off our crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter this December!!

I know this is more than I usually post buy, but I felt I needed to thank you and owe you the right to fill you in on the "behind the scenes" because it has been a long time coming.


I thank you, I'll stop the mushy stuff....



I am currently looking for help in recruiting more artists for backgrounds & animation! If you’re interested please let me know in the comments below, or reach out to me at:


Your support is much appreciated and I thank you! And if you fell that out like and want to see this as a full series, please like and subscribe to my channel and share. The best form of advertisement is by verbal exposure.  You can find my channel below.


Enjoy!! We will be seeing you!!! soon: D


Thank you (How many is that now?) I'm happy to respond to any feedback or questions you may have.

- Brandon

Cyber-Boy T.A.S. Trailer IS HERE!!! Check it out!!!

2015-01-13 16:44:40 by cartoonfix

There's a new mystery in Andover Park that's grabbing the attention of the media and major industry Tech Corps - the Cyber Boy. Sightings of this unknown boy are becoming more frequent and increasing curiosity amongst citizens of Andover Park. Questions remain mere speculation as Tech Corps researcher, Dr. Douglas Mormon and media correspondent, Nicole Tankmen discuss the town's mysterious person of interest. But why has he caught Tech Corps attention? Why do they want to replicate his abilities? Is it simply to understand the Cyber Boy or is there something more malicious behind their intentions? 

Thanks for watching!!
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Jason Pollard (chevron)- Dr. Douglas Mormon
Gabrielle Camire (ZBell)- Nicole TankMin


Brandon Fix-Producer,Director,Animator etc
Matthew Porath- Music Producer & Editor
Ryan Messman- Sound Design Sound Editor and Visual Editor
Michael Bettendorf- Author 
Adriem Baumamm-Concept Supporter, Future Voice Talent

Special Thanks to:
The list above 
Friends &Family (The Fix6)

Hey ALL!!!
So this 20 some year old has a dream. A ten year old dream actually. I've been working on Cyber Boy The Animated Series for over 12 years now. I have realized that I no longer have the time to animate this project and am really wanting help. I will help in any way I can. I originally was going to do all the animation on this nut, realize this project is just too big for one person!
Unfortunately it doesn't pay I wish it did. So if that's not okay, I understand. I have the script, storyboard, character designs and even an intro animated just need help with the rest! Let me know! Then we can collaborate on art style, character direction, ANIMATION etc!!! Below is a brief synopsis of Cyber Boy The Animated Series!!!
"Meet Cody James Mason. You would think he's your typical 16 year-old. And he is!!! Except;he has "Cybernetic/ Electric" superpowers! And the origin of these powers only lead Cody to his mysterious past. NOW Cody must protect the city of Andover Park from villainous viruses like Vortech, Shockshell, Dark Cyber! With each passing second more formulas are created giving new life to these criminal master minds and the chaos goes on........ SUIT UP WITH THE HERO IN BLUE!!!!" "I AM THE AWESOME CYBER-BOY!!!" My email is below!!
Thanks guys!