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Animators NEEDED: Cyber Boy The Animated Series!!!

2013-11-13 22:33:43 by cartoonfix

Hey ALL!!!
So this 20 some year old has a dream. A ten year old dream actually. I've been working on Cyber Boy The Animated Series for over 12 years now. I have realized that I no longer have the time to animate this project and am really wanting help. I will help in any way I can. I originally was going to do all the animation on this nut, realize this project is just too big for one person!
Unfortunately it doesn't pay I wish it did. So if that's not okay, I understand. I have the script, storyboard, character designs and even an intro animated just need help with the rest! Let me know! Then we can collaborate on art style, character direction, ANIMATION etc!!! Below is a brief synopsis of Cyber Boy The Animated Series!!!
"Meet Cody James Mason. You would think he's your typical 16 year-old. And he is!!! Except;he has "Cybernetic/ Electric" superpowers! And the origin of these powers only lead Cody to his mysterious past. NOW Cody must protect the city of Andover Park from villainous viruses like Vortech, Shockshell, Dark Cyber! With each passing second more formulas are created giving new life to these criminal master minds and the chaos goes on........ SUIT UP WITH THE HERO IN BLUE!!!!" "I AM THE AWESOME CYBER-BOY!!!" My email is below!!
Thanks guys!


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2013-11-14 18:40:26

Have you tried making smaller-scale projects (single-handedly) before jumping straight on this monster?

cartoonfix responds:

I have yes. I think the best way to do Cyber Boy is to release it in parts. Which I'm more okay with that. It keeps things moving you know? Thank you for the tip/ support!