Cyber-Boy T.A.S. Trailer IS HERE!!! Check it out!!!

2015-01-13 16:44:40 by cartoonfix

There's a new mystery in Andover Park that's grabbing the attention of the media and major industry Tech Corps - the Cyber Boy. Sightings of this unknown boy are becoming more frequent and increasing curiosity amongst citizens of Andover Park. Questions remain mere speculation as Tech Corps researcher, Dr. Douglas Mormon and media correspondent, Nicole Tankmen discuss the town's mysterious person of interest. But why has he caught Tech Corps attention? Why do they want to replicate his abilities? Is it simply to understand the Cyber Boy or is there something more malicious behind their intentions? 

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Jason Pollard (chevron)- Dr. Douglas Mormon
Gabrielle Camire (ZBell)- Nicole TankMin


Brandon Fix-Producer,Director,Animator etc
Matthew Porath- Music Producer & Editor
Ryan Messman- Sound Design Sound Editor and Visual Editor
Michael Bettendorf- Author 
Adriem Baumamm-Concept Supporter, Future Voice Talent

Special Thanks to:
The list above 
Friends &Family (The Fix6)


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